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04 November 2007 @ 11:39 pm

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Take my hand, knot your fingers through mine
30 October 2007 @ 01:10 pm
    I wanted to apologize for not being a good LJ friend those times, I won't write comments and I don't answer the meme but for my defence know that I read all of your entries, I know what happen in eveyones life, I know all of your ups and downs. So if some of you want to take me off their friends list I will totally understand.

   For the graphic communities, know that my PC crashed and I have to fix all my programms inckuding photoshop to compete again!!!!
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30 October 2007 @ 01:09 pm

Ok Yesterday was the release day for the "Platinium" album of the best band ever THE WORLDS APART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woke up at 6am, and drove to the music store (still closed lol) I was sitting in my car waiting when the doors opened I was jsut in there and asked a guy (I think he was still sleepy or still totally drunk) cause I had to ask him 3 times for the album. First he said "worlds apart??? erm??? we don't have that here!!! (What??????????) and then he asked one of his colleague who said "sure we have it in boxes".So the sleepy guy told me to come back in the day to buy my copy (erm...sorry???) I said "no, I am waiting here!!!!" he said "ok and continued his work staring at me at some point lol.

I was stood up at the counter for 30 minutes when this very nice guy came maybe he took pity of me and go to find me one !!!! I am not afraid I was able to spend my entire day waiting in the store lol (I am in holidays lol).

I came back in my car, my hands shivering lol (ok I am mad I know but I was waiting this for like 7 years....7 YEARS!!!!!!!).

Everything is greatn the songs are stunnings, the pictures are breath-taking, the only thing is that we don't have the lyrics!!!! but well we know a big part of them by heart.And we can't hear Cal singing (I am just so in love with his voice..."capture me in Ocaen blueeeeee.....lol I can't work with this lol)

This was the best event of my week-end after my WA sunday lol yeah I did that. I was all alone at home and just had a look to my precious memories, watching old videos and listenning loud the other albums lol "poor neighbours, they may think I am crazy lol

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25 October 2007 @ 07:17 pm
 ok, it's done....I am a driver I got my licence today at 10.30am and I am just glad and surprise casue I thought I won't manage and now I am glad !!!!

My instructor sent me a text message saying : 
"Congratulations and be safe! Know that it has been a great pleasure to work with you, maybe we'll see each other soon on the roads...I am proud of you!"....Thanks Michael it means a lot to me!

Oh my god he's so sweet that I almost cried when I've received it, that's totally me , get attached to people I know even for a few months lol but he was just so nice and fun and patient with me I really need to thank him a lot for everything!!! he's the best and hottest instructor of all time....

I am flying high and I've driven all day and now my back hurts lol
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21 October 2007 @ 12:32 pm

these are little random things:

. I have some maths homeworks and I can't get through them.
. Kate walsh is absolutly stunning !
. It's Sunday and I am getting bored.
. South Africa won the rugby world cup YAY!!!
. trains are still on strike.

But the greatest new of my week-end is related to my teenage past lol. I know wome of you used to listen to some boys bands *don't hide* I used to...my favourite band was a british one called Worlds Apart and after seven years they are back YAY!!!!!!
Older but still so good looking and I love the song lol It's like I am still 13 and dancing all around getting excited by this wonderful news lol

here is the new video clip for those interesting I have to say that my favourite one was Cal (the one with the scarf in) and WOW still so gorgeous!!!! I love them so much lol ok don't laugh you know what we say "fan one day fan all days"

Singin in french just fro meeeee!!!! lol
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18 October 2007 @ 07:32 pm

I was bored today casue due to railway strike I won't have been able to go to College, so I made a few icons. First ones are from Harper's Bazaar photoshoot and other ones are from Grey's anatomy.

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10 October 2007 @ 07:28 pm

I just came back from College and I couldn't post an Entry to celebrate the birthday of a very great person


I wish you the best in everything you'll do, Have a very nice day!!! I feel very proud to have a friend like you 
You deserve the best

::birthday hugs::

ps: no time for a birthday banner thanks to college

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08 October 2007 @ 09:27 pm
Well I have decided to write a tiny tribute to the hottest rugby player of the world the Young Daniel Crater from New-Zealand. Ok girls remember that there's also hotties in rugby + rugby is much more interesting than Soccer so please!!!

First he's hot and that's not all, at 25 he's one of the best player of the world.His physical appearance is halfway from an hollywood star and the prefect husband, he's the symbol of an underwear trademark and well it fits him so well lol. Other thing important his way to play rugby especially his foot...it's a great pleasure to see im concentrating before to kick the ball even after a run and make a try he has always the glamourous sweat!!
So it's a tragedy for me to have to resigned to not see this pretty face before years or maybe I could take a ticke to Auckland lol.

Let's tell what you think about this Yummy guy!
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07 October 2007 @ 03:56 pm

it's been like ages since I've updated my lj and a lot of things happened in the last week so I just need to let you know everything and I'll probably won't use a cut!!!

Teacher College has started for me and I just have to say that it's just great, I'll probably take some pics to let you have a look at it. It's old and looks like a school in the 50's but the lectures are great because they are not very like lectures I don't know how to explain we just learn how to teach by teaching stuff to other students lol that's very funny.We are 21 in my work-group and we all get on well so that's a great pleasure tto prepare a lessons and then play the teachers lol. I had my first danse lesson and it's just crazy! let me tell you more we have no lesson the teacher put some music and we just have to dance on it and find how to move in an artistic way in the whole room and find pretty gesture that's just so funny!, I won't tell more to not bother you but you just must know that I have a great great time even in Maths who would have thought that ?.

My driving lessons are almost finished know and my instructo is waiting for me to be a bit more precise (I forget little stuff sometimes) to write me on the list for the exam that's so stressful but I hope I'll manage first time lol.

France won versus New-Zealand yesterday that's great for us but well I am a bit sad casue we don't see Daniel Carter pretty face

I finally finished to download Until June album and it's just great  
That's all for this one I'll post more later today or tomorrow cause I have no lectures on Monday lol Yay a 3 days week-end ! the tutorial asked by Marre will be posted in a minute and maybe a playlist entry lol just need to find some time.
I watched Private Practice and I love it!!! still waiitng to see Grey's , probably tonight. I should work on my philosophy and education presentation but I need some motivation lol
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01 October 2007 @ 03:26 pm
here are some icons I've made a few weeks ago (using different kind of colourings).

Addison Montgomery -private practice promo pics and trailers caps.
Addison Montgomery - grey's anatomy.

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More to come :
*teacher-college story.
*jennifer aniston and private practice icons.

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