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take my hand knot your fingers through mine

Take my hand, knot your fingers through mine
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What about me...
I am Claire 23graduated in french litterature, I spend my time reading and studying again and again. I love contest and making graphics. I love to meet ne friends from everywhere in the world...I love: addison montgomery, candies, food, friends, friends with money, friendship, george o'malley, grey's anatomy, interpol, izzie stevens, izzie/george, jake gyllenhaal, jennifer aniston, jones, kelly, love, monica/chandler, object of my affection, prison break, rachel greene, razorlight, rumour has it, stereophonics, the black donellys, the break up...

Jennifer Aniston is love
Gizzie and grey's anatomy are love.
Friends is love.
Britain and British people are love.
Pascal Obispo is love.
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My homes on the net are: Jen-fan.com, anistoncenter,tr knight online, friendscafé, and loads of livejournal communities
Special waves to my little hunnies : Marre (Love you hun), Leane (my sweety one), Laura ( you rock babe), Cassie (bestest contest maker), Anna (my little french one) and all the other ones I am forgetting.
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